Enjoy all the amenities of a private villa

Staying in a villa allows our guests to immerse themselves into the Provencal lifestyle…unlike a small cramped hotel with hordes of other tourists. We believe that one of the best parts of being on vacation is the quiet time at the end of the day, where you can retreat to your own special place to unwind and relax after an busy day of activities. Our villas will provide such a refuge! Beautifully restored and updated with private bedrooms and baths. You will also enjoy a lovely swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing swim. There are outdoor spaces where you can relax and put your feet up to enjoy a glass of wine. Our villas even provide free Wi-Fi connection that makes it possible for you to check e-mail or post photos on your Facebook page. All of our villas are within walking distance or a short drive to the village center.

Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 3